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Service Specials in Dallas, TX

Freeman Honda wants Dallas, TX, drivers to know about our exclusive dealership service specials. Snag a deal or discount on anything from routine maintenance or various inspections. Is it time for a tune-up? Please call to book an appointment with our team today.

Brakes and Safety

Properly servicing a vehicle at the suggested time can help preserve the car's life. It can also benefit the safety of all parties on the road. A brake system's various parts will suffer from friction-related wear over time.

Therefore, the brakes eventually won't function as they should and could fail. A thorough brake inspection involving removing the tires could uncover any issues before they worsen. Checking the brakes during an oil change is also advisable for Irving drivers.

Oil Changes

there are many common misconceptions regarding oil changes. Some Fort Worth drivers believe they can go thousands and thousands of miles without changing their oil. Different vehicle models may require oil changes later than others, but oil begins to break down at about six months. Having the oil and filter change performed on time could keep the engine working efficiently.

Coolants and Fluid

An overheated car can suffer many problems on Dallas, TX, roads. Sometimes, the engine may experience severe damage from the heat. So, changing the coolant before it ages may prevent that problem. The same advice applies to the transmission, differential, power, steering, and windshield wiper fluid.

Tires and Wheels

Checking your tires' air pressure levels might uncover a problem. Even if the air pressure levels stay the same, examining the treads is advisable. Having a technician perform a thorough inspection could give a better idea about their life. Rotating the tires on time will reduce wear, adding more tread life. Performing needed wheel alignments may also help improve performance on Arlington roads.

Save More by Stopping By!

Dallas, TX, drivers can find deals on all of these services for future service appointments. Remember to check back often, as our deals will rotate around often. Reach out to our dealership to schedule an appointment soon.