The Honda HR-V is a compact crossover SUV that offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo. With its versatile design, it can be used as an everyday car or you can take off the roof to enjoy the great outdoors. With over 200 different technology features available on this vehicle, we want to give you some insight into what's possible with your new Honda HR-V!

Honda has an advanced mobile app that lets you control your vehicle from your mobile device. The HondaLink Next Generation mobile app can help you locate your car, send directions to the car, fuel it and even honk or flash the lights. You can also lock or unlock your doors.

Honda's new cabin air filter produces cleaner air, which is essential to the overall performance of your vehicle. It also prevents pollen and dust from entering through the evaporator case. A clogged cabin filter can reduce airflow to the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, leading to reduced heater output in cold weather and reduced cooling while parked on hot summer days.


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