As a car enthusiast, you know that Honda is one of the top automakers in the world. And with good reason too - they make reliable cars with great gas mileage and elegant designs. But it's not just what's on the inside that makes these cars so special; their exterior features are also worth taking a look at!

These exterior features are:

1. Honda Headlights

Honda headlights are very distinctive and instantly recognizable. They look like wings! That's because Honda is well known for making planes as well as cars; it makes sense that they would borrow a design element from one of their airplanes and apply it to their automobiles, right?

2. Honda Grilles

Honda grilles have a unique design that looks similar to the letter "H"; this is why they call Honda cars "Hondas". It also stands for Honda, of course.

3. Honda Fenders

The fenders on most Hondas are really nice and smooth-looking; they look great in any color. They're not too flashy though - they have a simple elegance to them.

4. Honda Wheel Designs

Honda has some really cool wheel designs! They're not super fancy, but they still look nice and go great with any color car.


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